15 new artists for Steelfest 2024

15 new artists for Steelfest 2024 . Now total 33 bands + TBA! Gorgoroth (Nor)Inquisition (Col)  Blasphemy (Can)   Nokturnal Mortum  (Ukr)  Kroda (Ukr)Dodheimsgard (Nor)  HornaMispyrming (Isl)Craft (Swe)  White DeathOfermod (Swe)Sarkrista (Ger)Aeternus (Nor)Vader (Pol)  AntimateriaStrid (Nor)Ifernach (Can)  Acherontas (Gre)Denial of God (Dnk)  Ved Buens Ende (Nor)Ragnarok, (Nor)Commander AgaresMiserere Luminis (Can)  Inferno (Cze)AegrusBarathrumDeathChainCorpsessed  MarrasThornspawn (USA)Chamber Of UnlightCadaveric IncubatorBlack Altar (Pol) 


SteelChaos 20.-21.10.2023 at Hyvinkää, Villatehdas. SteelChaos 2023 is just a three weeks away.  More bands confirmed: Korgonthurus, Barathrum, Norrhem, Kalmankantaja and Valravn .  Also one day tickets are now available. TICKETS CLICK HERE Friday:Satanic WarmasterKorgonthurusEvil AngelNorrhemNightside Saturday:TaakeBarathrumUrnKryptsKalmankantajaValravnCannibal Accident + Saturday “päiväkännihappyhour” w/Maiden HellTribute to Iron Maiden SteelChaos 20.-21.10.2023 at Hyvinkää, Villatehdas.


First 200 2-day tickets for 66,6€! ( Tickets after that 79€) TICKETS HERE 1-Day tickets will be available later. SteelChaos 2023 first bands announced. TaakeSatanic WarmasterKryptsUrnEvil AngelNightsideCannibal Accident+TBA! SteelChaos 2023 20.-21.10.2023 at Hyvinkää, Villatehdas.

First artists for Steelfest 2024 announced!

First artists for Steelfest 2024 announced + more than 20 artists still TBA. First 200pcs of 3-day tickets for 149€ (169€).  Confirmed artists so far: GORGOROTH (NOR) INQUISITION (COL) OFERMOD (SWE) HORNA ” Steelfest exclusive – celebrating 30 years of devotion, 3 eras divided into 3 nights, each with their respective vocalist” NOKTURNAL MORTUM (UKR)*  MISþYRMING(ISL) DEATHCHAIN ANTIMATERIAACHERONTAS (GRE) IFERNACH  (CAN) …

Possessed (USA) keikkojen aikataulut

Tampereen keikan liput: Steelfest.fi tai TikettiHelsingin keikan liput: Tiketti 03.08. Tampere, Olympiakortteli Ovet: 19:00Show : 21:00 04.08. Helsinki. On The RocksOvet: 20:00 Show: 21:30


SUOMEN KEIKKOJEN LIPUT:Tampereen keikan liput: Steelfest.fi tai TikettiHelsingin keikan liput: Tiketti There was a time in which genuine power was felt erupting from the sonic landscape that is now referred to as “old school” death metal. As with most newly developed forms of art, at its genesis it was filled with a fresh and vibrant energy and was virtually unsaturated …

Steelfest XI. Running order!

STEELFEST XI, RUNNING ORDER   THURSDAY 18.05.2023. Gates open 14.00 MARDUK 00:15  DESTRÖYER 666 23:00  HORNA 22:00  PEST 21:00  THE COMMITTEE 20:15  LOITS 19:30  SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT 18:45   NOCTURNAL SORCERY 18:00  HAIL CONJURER 17:15   UTUK XUL 16:30  NATTVERD 16:00   AZAZEL 15:15  CORAXUL 14:30  FRIDAY 19.05.Gates open 12:00 CARPATHIAN FOREST 00:15  BEHEXEN 23:00  GEHENNA 22:00  VED BUENS ENDE 21:00  RIDE FOR REVENGE …

HORNA confirmed for Steelfest XI !

Unfortunately Varathron was forced to cancel their performance in Steelfest due “family related issues”. We hope all good for the band and lets try another time then! So, Horna is confirmed for Steelfest XI . Performing day Thursday 18.05.2023.

Belphegor & Kampfar tour running order!

3 weeks to go, here running order for every venue. Tickets available from our web-site. Helsinki already 50% sold. 24.03 Helsinki, On The Rocks TICKETS HERE 25.03 Turku, Utopia TICKETS HERE 26.03 Tampere, Olympiakortteli TICKETS HERE 27.03 Oulu, Kantakrouvi TICKETS HERE Long-running diabolical death metal titan BELPHEGOR – The Devils European Aufmarsch 2023 tour in support of their newest, and …

Steelfest XI day schedule revealed!

Steelfest XI day schedule revealed. 3- Days and 46 artists. Because of venue capacity limitations there will atm only 100pcs of 1-day and 200pcs of 2-day tickets available. We keep priority in 3-day tickets which are already (27.02) 60% sold. Thursday 18.05. Marduk (SWE) Deströyer 666 (AUS) Varathron (GRE) Pest (FIN) Loits (EST) The Committee (INT) Sacrilegious Impalement Nattverd (NOR) …

More bands for Steelfest XI!

Deströyer666, Austere (Aus), Sotherion (Fra) and Coraxul confirmed for Steelfest XI.  98 days to go for Steelfest XI !  Day schedule of the festival will be announced inside next coming days. We have total 46 confirmed bands around the world. 3-days madnezz filled with booze and upcompromised extreme coming a head! Steelfest XI 41 artists: Nokturnal Mortum (UKR) Marduk (SWE) Carpathian Forest …

NOKTURNAL MORTUM + 6 More artist confirmed for STEELFEST 2023

NOKTURNAL MORTUM  is confirmed for Steelfest 2023. Steelfest dates are 18-20.05-2023.  SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT (Fin) joins Steelfest XI ranks with “IV – Infinite Victor” album release gig. Album will be out just before Steelfest 2023. Other condirmed artist are: GRENADIER (Can), NATTVERD (Nor), VORNAT (Fin), GAURITHOTH (Fin) and AZAZEL. Steelfest XI has now 41 artist confimed and still TBA ! Marduk (SWE) Nokturnal …

Steelfest presents: BELPHEGOR & KAMPFAR TOUR!

Long-running diabolical death metal titans “BELPHEGOR announce The Devils European Aufmarsch 2023” in support of their newest, and most successful chart-breaking album.KAMPFAR join BELPHEGOR on this run to present their newest record “Til Klovers Takt” — album. + Italian-based technical death metal diehards HIDEOUS DIVINITY and LEACH (SWE) Finland 24.03 Helsinki, On The Rocks TICKETS HERE 25.03 Turku, Utopia TICKETS HERE 26.03 Tampere, Olympiakortteli …

STEELCHAOS 2022 Last minute change on line-up!

SADIST had to cancel their performance in SteelChaos 2022 due airline strike in Italy, so HORNA added to SteelChaos 2022 line up!Horna 22.10. Saturday clock 19:30“Unfortunately, due to a general strike by air traffic controllers in Italy, our flight was suddenly cancelled this morning. We’ve tried our best to find a different solution analyzing all possible alternatives. But it’s quite …

Mgła will hit 4 cities in Finland

Black metal masters Mgła will hit 4 cities in Finland. The Polish black metal stalwarts will be joined by New Zealand death metallers Ulcerate as special guests. Support will come from Sisyphean (Lithuania).  This will be the last tour in Europe where Mgła will be performing tracks from their latest full-length album, “Age of Excuse”. Finland tour07.11.2022 Helsinki, On the Rocks08.11.2022 …

More confirmed bands for SteelChaos 2022!

Belphegor, Sacramentum, Torure Killer, Barathrum, Cadaveric Incubator, Sadist, Caestus, Flame, Chevalier, Lord Fist , Satan`s Fall, MaliciousConfirmed for SteelChaos 2022!SteelChaos dates are: 21-22.10.2022.Venue: Villatehdas Hyvinkää. (inside stage, no outdoor)NOTE! SteelChaos 2022 ticket prices were decided over two years ago. We are forced to raise ticket prices per 31.08 from 79€ to 89€.

First bands confirmed for Steelfest 2023!

First bands confirmed for Steelfest 2023! Steelfest XI May 18-20 2023. 3-days and total 40 bands. Tickets available from HERE Carpathian Forest (Nor)   Dödheimsgard (Nor)    Varathron (Gre)    Pensées Nocturnes (FRA)  Ved Bues Ende(Nor)    Nunslaughter (US)    Nattefrost (Nor)   Nordjevel (Nor)   Witchtrap (Col)  Sex Messiah(Jpn)    Utuk Xul  (Col)  Infernal (Col)  Pest (Fin)  Ymir (Fin)+ TBA!