Steelfest XII 16.-18.05.2024 line-up is now locked with 40 acts!

6 new acts to the Steelfest 2024 lineup, bringing the total to 40 artists.

Due to ongoing travel restrictions, Nokturnal Mortum won’t be able to perform at the festival as planned. Nevertheless, we want to assure you that if travel from Ukraine becomes possible at any point before the festival, we will immediately reinstate the band to our lineup. Vader and Miserere Luminis had to cancel their performances, citing personal and multiple reasons respectively.

The newly confirmed acts are: Mysticum (Norway) Hellbutcher (Sweden) Unleashed (Sweden) Délétère (Canada) Ereshkigal (Mexico) Licht Des Urteils.

Day schedules are also now revealed. (Note that artist are not yet in final running order) All 1 and 2-day tickets are now on sales.


STEELFEST 2024 16.-18.05.2024 Line-up

Gorgoroth (Nor) Mysticum (Nor) Inquisition (Col)

Blasphemy (Can)

Unleashed (Swe) Dødheimsgard (Nor)

Horna Kroda (Ukr)

Misþyrming (Isl)

White Death

Denial Of God (Dnk)

Diocletian (Nzl)

Aeternus (Nor)

Hellbutcher (Swe)

Ofermod (Swe)

Ved Buens Ende….(Nor)

Antimateria Deathchain

Craft (Swe)

Délétère (Can) Ragnarok (Nor)


Commander Agares

Ifernach (Can)


Acherontas (Gre) Sarkrista (Ger)


Strid (Nor)

Inferno (Cze)

Chamber Of Unlight Thornspawn (Usa)

Ereshkigal (Mex)



Cadaveric Incubator

Black Altar (Pol)

Licht Des Urteils