15.5.2022 14:00 - 23:45 Steelfest Open Air, inside stage hall.

Lets celebrate last day of 10th Steelfest with something special. Heavy alcohol madnezz from festival thursday surely will takes it tolls. We need boost to take this to next level. So, before first band of the sunday starts, we start with good food and too much alcohol.
“10th year anniversary bacchanal”, where Chef`s are roasting whole pork and other BBQ delicacy, home brew beer (Sahti) will flow and maybe some special appearances on inside stage. Basicly too much wine, beer & other sorts of alcohol with overflowing BBQ is our  kind of sunday  start.

Also all performing artists are invited to this “´Sunday Bacchanal

Ticket includes all food you can eat (buffet) with lots of different BBQ choises. (also vegans noted) + Welcoming drinks, service to tables etc. etc.
More info to come.

Unfortunately this can be done for max.300 quests, so very limited capacity !